Hard truck bed covers provide the upmost security to safeguard your gear from thieves and the weather. Protection with style.

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Gator EFX Hard Tri-Fold Truck Bed Cover
  • Rain/snow/wind resistant
  • Keep harmful UV rays off of your items
  • Protects your cargo from theft
  • Built-in lock
  • Low profile streamlined look
  • Increases the resale value
  • Easy to Install

Hard Truck Bed Cover Features:

  • Made from aircraft-grade alloy aluminum panels
  • Even weight distribution capacity of up to 500 LB
  • Easy no-drilling installation
  • What’s included? Hard cover panels, pre-assembled clamps, safety clamps, cargo brackets, installation instructions
  • For multiple truck brands and bed lengths

This image shows you how to measure your truck bed for a hard truck bed cover.

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